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Climbing Rose

From £18.95

Breeders code: Delcreja

Average Height: 200cm - 300cm

Fragrance: Strong

Colour: Yellow

Planting Situation: Fencing/Pergola/Wide Trellis

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Bareroot Roses

· Cheapest & most environmentally friendly way to buy our roses

· Dormant or semi-dormant Soil/Compost free bareroot rose plants, hand lifted to order directly from the rose field

· Order from July, available for supply between November & March ONLY

· Supplied ready for immediate planting into the garden or a large container when delivered

· Can be safely stored in the packaging provided for 2-3 weeks if needed (for orders supplied Nov – Feb)

· Most rose varieties supplied will flower the following summer after planting and reach their normal full height by the end of the first year planted (excluding Climbers & Ramblers)

· Bareroot roses supplied at the end of the bareroot season in March may take longer to establish and flower by up to 8 weeks.

Potted Roses

· Can be purchased & planted all year round (subject to availability)

· Best option for giving as a gift rose

· Supplied in strong large 5.5 litre pots, typically much larger than most outlets, using a unique & specially formulated rose compost containing loam soil and long lasting slow release fertiliser

· Does not require immediate planting, simply unpack, place pot/rose outside and keep watered until you are ready to plant or the rose has become fully rooted in the pot provided, can be kept in pot supplied until October

· Potted roses supplied between October and June may well be New Season / Recently Potted when supplied & NOT ready for immediate re-planting until the rose becomes fully rooted into the pot the rose was supplied in (normally late spring to early summer), clear warning labels will be attached to the pot & plant when this is the case.

· New season potted roses may be bare-stemmed with no leaves when supplied or with emerging buds and shoots

· Wherever possible, potted roses supplied June & October will normally have some flower buds attached, potted roses supplied from July may be recently pruned/dead headed to re-flower again later in the season or the following year.