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Rootgrow granules to improve bonding to existing root system

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Rootgrow will give all  your bareroot and potted roses the best possible start at planting time. It is used in the planting hole coming into direct contact with the rose roots. This great product, endorsed and tested by The Royal Horticultural Society allows you to safely and successfully plant roses where there were roses before, eliminating rose replant disease sickness problems and is also great for dry,light, sandy soils or during drought conditions where rapid and good plant establishment can be a big problem.
Rootgrow is now one of the very first products to be endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society which is a real ringing endorsement of the product, and having gone through many years of trials with the RHS it is now used in all their new planting schemes, we strongly recommend Rootgrow for all Planting Roses.
Rootgrow for the faster establishment of all roses, trees and shrubs (excluding acid loving plants).
This 100% natural product really does work and the  small cost involved is well worth it for the great benefits gained, it is a natural friendly Mycorrhizal fungi that gives the rose a rapid second root system, earlier and better growth, Better Drought tolerance, Better uptake of fertilisers and Trace Elements, essential for planting roses in dry or sandy soil. Much reduced mortality in difficult planting areas.

60g treats either 2 Bush Roses or 1 Standard Rose

150g treats either 6 Bush Roses or 3 Standard Rose

360g treats 15 roses at planting time

Rootgrow 1kg treats 40 Potted or Bare-Roses in granule form.
This size pack also contains a gel powder for bareroot roses. Simply mix with 8-12 lts of water and the rootgrow granules, to improve bonding to existing root system and increase the number of bareroot roses that can be treated, up to 100 t-150 roses per packet, mixed gel should be used within 2 days of mixing and will not keep. (please note gel mix is only suitable for bare-root roses only, use powder only for potted roses)

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