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Rose Naming Service

Here at we are delighted to offer you our exclusive unnamed roses which are available for you to name and dedicate to a special person, animal, event or personal anniversary – corporate customers may also be interested in this for celebrating business milestones or products.
Many of our customers use this service for a memorial/tribute occasions as a special and long lasting way for friends and family members to remember and pay tribute to their loved ones with a rose exclusively named to honour them.

Charities, Corporate Business, Happy Events and for beloved Pets and Animals are regularly associated to the naming of a new rose
Our service differs from most online “name a rose” services, where unscrupulous suppliers will continually relabel the same variety of rose hundreds of times over and supply you with one single rose.
Here at, we are offering you a truly individual and unique new rose coming from one of our exclusive rose breeders and truly represents a lifetime’s work of careful selection and hybridisation. Each of the un-named roses offered have been thoroughly trialled and tested for health, good performance and repeat flushes of flower.
We have featured on these pages a selection of the varieties which are currently unnamed and available for naming. We do seriously encourage anyone who is truly interested in this service to firstly come to our nursery and see and smell the rose in person on our dedicated trial bed of unnamed roses between June and July before making your final selection.

The process takes 18 months to 2 years to bring the rose from an unnamed seedling to saleable rose plants, providing the new rose name has not been used before it is entirely up to you what you name the rose. If you choose a good selling and commercial rose name we will also continue to sell the rose to the general public in later years through our dedicated websites and as long as commercially viable, which will only help extend the life, value and memories of the person or occasion used in the new rose name you have chosen.

The price of this service starts from £500, which then depends on the unnamed seedling chosen and how many roses you require (minimum 10), they will be supplied in November to March as bareroot rose plants once grafted and fully grown on in our fields.

Please get in touch with us via our contact form below, stating which rose number you are looking to purchase. Alternatively, you can call the office on 01406 424089.





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