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What to do with your rose on arrival

Bareroot Roses

Bareroot roses come direct from the rose field and are supplied in a dormant or semi-dormant state for planting directly into the garden or a large container from November to March, on arrival, if you are not yet ready to plant, they can be simply stored inside their paper sack and un-opened plastic wrap supplied for up to 3 weeks in a cool, draft and frost free room (garage or shed). Alternatively, if wet or severe cold weather prevents you from planting your roses into its final position you can either heel in to a temporary hole in the garden or place the roots in a bucket of water in a cool frost free building. Never allow the roots to dry out as this will cause severe damage or death to the rose. Any remaining leaves on bareroot plants when supplied will turn brown and fall off leaving dormant stems to re-shoot later over the winter & spring.

Note: Multiple bareroot roses will normally be wrapped together in one bundle.

Potted Roses

Potted roses can be planted all year round if fully rooted in the pot supplied, On receipt immediately remove the rose from its cardboard box along with the pot bag and any gift wrapping, water thoroughly, and leave outside in a sunny airy position until ready to plant, we recommend giving the rose at least 24 hours to settle after receipt before planting if the rose is fully rooted.

Potted roses supplied between October & June may well be New Season & recently potted and therefore not yet fully rooted into the compost, if this is the case they will be clearly labelled with warning labels and full instructions and will need to remain outside in the original pot supplied until fully rooted, in full leaf with flower buds forming (typically late spring to early summer) before planting into its final position in your garden or larger container.

Water pots regularly and do not allow compost to dry out and protect from severe winter weather (below freezing day & night temperatures) moving to a greenhouse, shed, garage or similar area whilst severe weather persists, normal winter night frosts down to -5C are not an issue for potted roses and they can happily remain outside. We use a specially formulated compost, designed as the best possible product for garden roses in containers which also contains sufficient slow-release feed to last the rose until the first autumn after receiving it.

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